Exclusive Interview; New Year For LEXUZ

As the year clocks in, V Clan sensational Lexuz is already riding on a high note. After dropping his latest single BETTER DAYS, the Kenyan dancehall artist maintains his status quo as he speaks in exclusive interview about his music and plans to conquer 2020.

It has been a while after moments of silence. Tell us about your decision to comeback as a solo artist?

I was stopped recording for a while since I needed enough time to finish my studies

What plans are you setting for the year ahead in terms of your music?

I am planning to work on my solo album this year under 64hiphop.

It is believed that Kenyan dancehall is gaining market worldwide. Do you agree with this narrative?

It is true Kenyan dancehall is gaining market, dancehall artist like redsan, wyre, hopekid, jfam among others have had many shows in Europe.

Tell us about your local music scene. How are they receiving your music?

I appreciate my local music scene,they are receiving my music positively , am planning to organize for more events to sell my music

Any challenges that you face as an artist?

Recording good music is costly, the main challenge is lack of enough money to record and shoot quality videos.

Are there plans to revive the group or any future collaborations?

Vclan group is coming big and better, we are also planning to work with a dancehall Crew named black heroes based in Nairobi

What advise would you give to up and coming artistes?

Smart work and consistency is key

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