Hello Hello; Meet Rap Queen MSUPA S

We caught up with rift valley rap sensation during her recent maiden tour. Here is her story.

Thank you for accepting an exclusive interview with 64hiphop.com

Msupa S: Thank u

Who is Msupa s?

Msupa s is a young kalenjin artist who does hip hop and also does kalee music. She is the rap queen, she won the hip hop championship in Kenyatta university and won a huawei phone courtesy of mambo mseto Willy m. Tuva. Currently Msupa s songs hello hello which is a kalee song and all the way up a femi one Diss are riding high on media and social media

Tell us your music background.

I Love music and begun recording at moto sounds where I am signed in 2013 out of passion with no serious intentions. At first I was as only a singer before delving into rapping. I released Ara nee in 2015 directed by Richie G featuring Tommy moto and 2 dope kings. My next song was the All the way up diss in 2017, Utatii featuring Tommy moto in 2017 and hello hello in 2018

What inspired you to get into music?

I used to be lead singer at school assemblies and community meetings. But its not till later when I was inspired by Nikki Manji, Tyga , Taylor swift, Khaligraph and Octipizzo that I begun to develop my style.

Tell us more about your latest single?

My latest single is hello hello. I did to satisfy my homeland people who really wanted me to do for them a song In our local language. I went to Bomet and recorded with Dj Wexo. I released the video to great response and I am thinking of doing more local music as well as hip hop. Hello hello has taken me to kbc and performance at the Alchemist with Bengatronics

What is your take on kenyan music in terms of growth?

Kenyan music has grown a lot , the main issue is corruption

What Inspires You

I was inspired by my boyfriend who really loves music

Who is your fan?

My Fans are many people like Emmah, People who like local music , hip hop, crazy fun unique music. Since I have 2 styles hip hop and local music and I have lots of fun in both as you can see in my videos. My mum is my mentor

If you were a vehicle, what would it be and why?

Convertible car coz I open up and close up in music and generally.  I open release music and then close, also love cruising and chilling.

What word of advice would you give to young upcoming artistes looking at you?

Keep working hard, never give up and don’t listen to haters. Believe in yourself and in everything put God first

Drop your contacts here.

YouTube channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQPV-wBxFuP7HhaY5B2748Q

YouTube channel : Sandra Msupa S


Facebook: Sandra msupa s

Instagram: sandra_chebet_msupa_s

Manager: Tommy moto

Thank you 64hiphop blog for the interview. God bless all. Shukran

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