Here Is The Full List Of Rappers Participating At The Unkut Cypher

On March 7th 2020, we converge at The Blindpsot (formerly Sands Club), first floor of AD Life Plaza Kilimani. 30 of the best rappers will be spitting at a live cypher, gunning for “Freestyle K(Q)!NG 2020” at UnKut Hip Hop Awards.

This month’s cypher will be feature the following; Jublak, Tu G Vice, Lady Bud, Jack Quill, The Dragon, Markus, Edwin Mlayi, Tasha, Lonewolf, Virusi, Sigh, Blasta Bodd, Kalimani Tha MC, Elisha Elai, Tunji, Brayan Gilbert, Vthevaccine, Sudough, Groove, Tulia,  Kenyaan, Steph Shi.

Don’t miss out on the action. Gates open at 4 pm!

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