Hiphop Knowledge – Tunji

His name is Mwawaka Ronald Tunji, second born in a family of three. When he says in love he means it literally and physically to. Music is more than just keys and sulfa’s to him. Music is who he is.

He is an artist. He likes to use the term artist as he believes that music has no particular scope. It evolves and gets a new feel each time you listen to it, every time you make it is a humbling experience. He mainly does rap music and deejaying with a little bit of production on the side plus he plays the drums to some extent.

He started drumming in class six back in primary school using a metal box and spoons, biros, toothbrushes basically anything with a handle he could hold on to. He’s been drumming since then. He started rapping in class seven to E-sir, Nameless, Ukoo-Flani,and Bamboo the list goes on and on. His stage name back then was DbWeezy. He used to write lyrics at the back of his school books. This became a habit that picked once he went to high school. He’d write booklets full of lyrics and rap to beats He’d come up with by my own. This really confused people since they’d always see him “talking to himself” which wasn’t the case.

He went into deejaying once he reached campus, his stage name being dj WhiteAfrican. He did a couple of shows at campus and various clubs around Rongai and Nairobi area. Then He met Elvo and he’s been in the studio ever since.

He’s done two mixtapes titled Now They Know and Bedroom Music which were released by Inkverse and TILO in September 2015 and July 2016 respectively. The latest track he’s done so far is titled Mat za Rongai.

To him music is way of expressing how he feels and how he interacts with the things that surround him. He goes by the name Tunji. That is the stage name he chose. Find him on instagram @_t_254.

Let’s spread the love through the music.

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