Samaki Mkuu x Romantico ‘Tiki Tiki’ Hits The Airwaves, Fans Dance All Over Kenya

There is a new hit in town, and definitely this is a must for you to bring on your dancing shoes.

Tiki Tiki is an original track by Romantico & Samaki Mkuu (Jason Dunford) that has brought together a cluster of artists from music, dance, comedy, entertainment and even the visual arts. Sergeant Nyakundi intros and outros the song with his classic brand of comedy. And during the song we get to see celebrities Desagu, Alex Mathenge, Jasper Murume, Chero Murumba, Ciiru Gakenia and Karinge Mbugua show us what they’re capable of on the dancefloor.
The song has also bred the Tiki Tiki Challenge, where fans are encouraged to be creative in dancing the Tiki Tiki during the catchy chorus (“Cheza Tiki Tiki”) and posting their efforts to social media under the hashtags #tikitikichallenge #tikitikianthem #tikitiki.
Produced by Rukuz and Gabzo, the video is directed by Mulinge Collins, assisted by Director Slim, both of Big Dreams Studios.
The dance that spawned the challenge is created by Bruz Newton and his Bazokizo concepts dance group. A special thanks must also go to James Tiki whose ability to get a party started inspired Romantico & Samaki Mkuu to write the lyrics to this track that promises to be an anthem for 2020. Fans can watch the video on Romantico & Samaki Mkuu’s Youtube channel that is hosted under the Ngomma label.
Je, unaweza kucheza Tiki Tiki au sio? Well time for you to show the world what you’re capable of!

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