Too Much Hype, Less Creative Talk; Magix Enga Fried For Sampling Nigerian Beats

Just after his latest brawl that included Tanzania sensation Harmonize claiming he stole his beat which led to Youtube pulling down the song UNO, the DUNDAING beat maker has once again been on the spot here in the 254 for stealing Olamide Motigbana tune while creating the his hit record.

The producer, who recently opened his MAGIX EMPIRE STUDIOS in Nairobi, claims that he is the originator of his beats and that his ideas are open to himself. On the contrary, most of his hit records have been linked to a number of Nigerian tunes where he originates his idea from.

The big question here is, why has no one claimed or sued the producer at a court of law. And is sampling wrong without the consent of the original producer who made the instrumental? Check out some of the facebook feed posts that artistes claim he needs to pull up. We are waiting for Magix Enga to respond to the matter.

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